Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Makeover time?

I need your help.
Saturday, at the Self-Publishing Book Expo, I unveiled new graphics. My thinking was that my old graphics, representing classic, elegant typography, were not going to go over big in New York. I wanted something splashier.

The old look
My website (go ahead, click the link) matches my old business card:

The new look
Here are the graphics I had at the show in New York (and my new business card, front and back, matches the two striped posters):

Which do you like better?
Should I redesign my website in the newer style or leave well enough alone? Drop me a note or comment below. Tell me where you are geographically and what your relationship is to book publishing, so I know whether the new graphics have any appeal outside New York.

Thanks for your time!


Katharine Wiencke said...

Dick, the new style is handsome, but I like the old, quieter style better. Just my druthers. I'm a freelance editor (as you know) in rural western Massachusetts.

Carolyn said...

Egad! My reaction is much stronger than Katharine's. I find the new style screaming in my face, sending the message, "I'M TRYING TO BE YOUNG, METRO, AND TRENDY!"

The design issue with your original is too many caps. The font looks like Copperplate, and I don't recall for sure if it has a lower case; you can probably work with what you've got and zip it up with some very minor font/rule/cap changes, perhaps some color variations, and freshen your "look" without hammering anyone over the head with it.

Benjamin Lukoff said...

I like the old one. But I am probably not your target market! One thing I do like about the new one is its mention of this blog, and its inclusion of its logo.

Michael Trudeau said...

Hi, Dick. I like the new design. It jumps out more and is easier to read. I don't think that's a bad thing or a trendy thing. I am not a big fan of the hourglass shape of the old design.

Jane Mackay said...

Dick, I'm with Katharine in being a little turned off by the "loud," flashy new design, but I can definitely see how it would appeal to the younger (i.e., under-40 or so) generation and to those who live/work in NYC or other vibrant cities.

The one aspect of the new design that I think is definitely an improvement is the descriptiveness of the descriptors. "Thoughtful editing, appropriate design, expert production, and comprehensive project management" give a much clearer picture of what you can offer the potential client than "Accurate, timely, clear, effective, appropriate communication."

FWIW, I grew up in New Zealand and have spent most of the other half of my life in the greater Bay Area.

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf said...

What Carol said.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dick - I'm going to go against the stream here and say that your new look was immediately appealing to me. An updated retro feel, which goes well with your branding. Although I might increase the breathing room between lines of text on the first and second panels. The third appeals to me as is. Also agree with Benjamin that I like the mention of your blog & logo.

Here's the lens through which you can read the above comment:

Under 40, live in suburban coastal VA, book editor and designer working with authors & businesses. (And we met at the Communication Central conference.)

Amanda Rooker