Thursday, July 20, 2006

Break's over, back on your barrelheads

I began a couple of months ago to build a metaphorical barrel that represents the various inputs to successfully publishing a book. I got about halfway around the barrel and then took a break. The barrel holds no water yet (being only half built), and I will continue the construction soon enough.

This post is for the benefit of newcomers and is an index to the posts in the barrel series to date.

On Monday, July 24, barring unforeseen circumstances, Jeannette Cezanne will interview me live on the Web, at 8:00 pm Eastern Time. I anticipate a fair number of listeners will pop over here to the blog, and it is those folks I have in mind in posting this index.

Note: all of these will open in the current window; if you want to open them in a new window, you can do so manually:

Gardening, garage software, and garage books
A fool for a client
The opposable thumbsucker
Rolling your own
The architect of the page
Covering the object

Other posts (see the list in the sidebar) are also of interest to self-publishing authors. The archives (see sidebar) include additional posts of interest to writers and editors; but in the archives the posts are simply chronological and not sorted according to topic.

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