Saturday, September 16, 2006

The spice of life

I like juggling a variety of projects, but there’s variety and then there’s variety. It just occurred to me that I haven’t posted to the blog in nearly a week and I’m going to have to hand in my bloggers’ union card if I don’t write something. Then I thought about the reason and realized it’s because in the last week I’ve:
  • Drafted a user guide for a medical device

  • Started writing a book proposal (for a client) for an inspirational memoir (and ghostwriting the sample pages)

  • Closed a deal to design a book to be privately printed for a wedding (I’ll also be doing the composition)

  • Closed a deal to design an InDesign XML-import template for a product catalog

  • Designed two small Web sites

  • Written blurbs and shipped sample books for a couple of regional book trade shows

  • Scheduled a television interview for October

  • Written some thumbsuckers for various online fora

  • Gotten out of the house a few times, too

  • And I have a feeling I’m forgetting a couple of things
No wonder I’m tired.

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