Monday, February 05, 2007

All clear. Maybe.

THANK YOU to all those who wrote to help with eliminating the popup ads.

I think I’ve eliminated the source of the problem. However, if you are still getting popups or experiencing any other technical difficulty with this blog, please contact me. Again, you may email me directly (see the link at the bottom of the blog) or post a comment anonymously (which I won’t publish but will treat as private correspondence). Any details you can provide will help me (browser and version, operating system, what anti-virus and anti-spyware programs you run, whether you have the popup blocker in your browser turned on, etc.).

I have also turned off the Google ads. I wasn’t making any money on them, and some people find them irritating. So they’re gone.

Please scroll down to the article titled “Lip service,” which is where the real blog conversation should be taking place. There have been some thoughtful comments so far.


Anonymous said...

So what was causing it?

Dick Margulis said...

It was one of two statistical tools that I was no longer using anyway. I don't know which one because I deleted both of them. Had I known they posed that risk, I wouldn't have added them to the page in the first place. One was just a counter that told me how many people were viewing the blog at a given time (hardly an essential statistic) and the other tracked traffic for one of the blog aggregators that I've never used or looked at since installing the counter. So deleting both of them was a no-brainer. I just hope the problem is really gone. The last thing I want to do is assault my readers with popups for gambling sites and the like.