Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gonna run downtown

My next-door neighbor works in the physical education department at Yale. I was doing some yard work and stopped in the driveway to chat with him a little bit ago. He was sitting on his back step, fiddling with his iPod, and he said, “I’m gonna run down to my office and pick up a van so I can take that pile of stuff to the recycling center.”

A minute or so later, we finished our conversation. He turned toward the street rather than toward the garage. “Oh,” I said. “When you said you were going to run downtown, you meant you were going to run downtown.”

Ah, youth.


Erin Gordon said...

HI- I read a post you did on another blog about POD. Thank you!

There is a huge difference between a vanity press that charges authors, and one that just uses the technology.

My publisher USES POD to print books as ordered--but I, as the author, pay nothing for books. They are simply printed in small runs, rather than thousands at a time.

I don't think that people understand the difference.

Thanks for pointing it out!

Dick Margulis said...


Thanks for your comment, and I agree that many people don't understand the difference. As I keep trying to explain, print-on-demand is a technology legitimately available to all publishers, including self-publishers; publish-on-demand is a business model, and it usually involves flattering and misleading authors into believing they are being published on their merits.