Friday, April 09, 2010

A step in my spring

Garden diary department

[Spring blooming in my yard for the last three years summarized here]

Step 1. Here it is April 9. Andromeda, weeping cherry, Bradford pear, early azalea (that one cerise or magenta variety that used to be the only one you could get in the Northeast, not the more modern ones), and the forsythia are all more or less in peak bloom. The magnolia, which only fully opened yesterday has begun to drop petals already. This is the earliest any of these have bloomed since I have kept these notes.

Step 2. The remainder of the azaleas, the rhododendrons, and the wisteria are not even hinting any awareness of spring. Perhaps the winter was not kind to them this year. But last year it was the third week of May before they were fully involved; so there is time yet.

I post these notes for myself. If other gardeners are interested, so be it. For the rest of you, move along. Nothing happening here.


Unknown said...

This has nothing to do with gardening, although my yard in an Atlanta suburb has been gorgeous this spring. Knowing your interest in typography, I thought you would be interested in this Fast Company article about the typography on the iPad:

Dick Margulis said...


Yes, several book designers discussed this problem on Twitter a few weeks back.

Designers have no control over how these reader devices display text. If the user is someone who reads by processing text in the abstract and not as an experience colored by aesthetics, then these devices do their job. For people who love books, though, none of the new readers is ready for prime time.

Let's wait for Version 2. Or maybe 3. Or maybe...?