Tuesday, June 20, 2006


[UPDATE—FeedBurner found and fixed the bug. This has to be an all-time record. I submitted the bug report at 3:48 pm yesterday; a guy from support emailed me at 10:31 pm saying he did not see the problem. I wrote back to him at 11:05 pm, and as of about three minutes ago, the problem is gone. Considering that there are over half a million more popular blogs than this one, that is really an amazing turnaround time for a bug. Way to go, FeedBurner! Can you imaging getting that kind of response from, oh, say, Microsoft? Hah!]

If you are subscribing to these musings through an RSS feed, I apologize for any garbled posts. If you see a sentence in the feed that makes no sense whatever, go ahead and click through to the blogspot page. There seems to be a technical glitch that arises whenever I type a typographer's apostrophe or quotation mark (the curly kind) instead of the straight typewriter apostrophe I just used earlier in this sentence or the straight typewriter "quotation mark." There's a technical solution, but I can't implement it until after the feed techies confirm that they see the problem and have logged the bug, er, feature.

Meanwhile, I’m testing one possible solution in this sentence. There’s nothing else happening here. “This is a test.” If this had been an actual emergency, you would have heard the president pronouncing nuclear correctly.

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