Friday, June 30, 2006

Put your coffee down

You do not want a mouth full of liquid when you read this post by PODdy Mouth.


Momma said...

I LOVE it! My favorite is the September 31st comment.

This is why copyeditors are soooooo important!

--Noelle A. Boughanmi

Jeannette C├ęzanne said...

I should have taken Dick's advice. I really should have.

I didn't.

I'm trying to clean the coffee off my keyboard as we speak....

Great find. Funny beyond words.


Susan Jones said...

"I've never seen "erect green nipples" before, but if you say so...."

Neither have I, but, I have just posted a photo that I took titled Rusty Nipple!

I love this little gem you found! Thanks for the share Dick and thanks for visiting my blog!

I am totally intimadated by editors.

I can't spell worth a damn and have a hard time spitting out EXACTLY what I mean. Really.

Susan Jones